Taekwondo Academy
About Us
Lim's Taekwondo Academy is the little door to the world of Martial Arts, tradition and indomitable spirit. It is one of the best Taekwondo training facilities in Oregon.
In this Academy, we teach you the Taekwondo in progressive and intelligible way and improve physical condition, coordination, balance and flexibility. 
Beside this we focus on enhancing Respect, Focus, Self-control, Perseverance, and Confidence in our students 

What we teach

We teach Taekwondo - korean martial arts and self-defense techniques with safe and supportive enrolling program. With our progressive training, students are both physically and mentally ready before moving on to the next level. We work as a team and progress together with help and support of each other. We focus to build the team spirit. Students of Lim's Taekwondo Academy respect and help each other.


Our goal is trough Taekwondo training to help students become stronger, confident and successful.

Master Alexander Lim

Professional world-class Master with a more than 25 years of experience of teaching Taekwondo. Master of USA Taekwondo.
Certified by International Olympic Committee training program for Taekwondo instructors. Certification of Taekwondo Instructor training program by Korean National Sport University.
Certification of training courses for Taekwondo coaches and instructors in Uzbekistan State University of Physical culture & Sports.
Has an experience with other martial arts systems (Karate, Wu-shu, Aikido, Judo)

  • Taekwondo Black Belt 5-th Dan
  • Gold medalist of US Open Championship 2009
  • Bronze medalist of  the World Taekwondo Championship 2010
  • 2006-2009 Head Coach of Uzbekistan Poomsae National Team
  • 2011-2012 Head Coach of US World Sport Poomsae Class
  • 2000-2008 Head Coach of Uzbekistan National Demonstration Team
  • Best Referee of US Open Taekwondo Championships 2013
  • Referee of the World Taekwondo Qualification Tournament for London Olympic Games 2012
  • Referee of Europe Taekwondo Qualification Tournament for the London Olympic Games 2012
  • Referee of Pan-American Taekwondo Qualification Tournament for London Olympic Games 2012
  • Referee of the World Taekwondo Championships 2011
  • The best Referee of Asian Taekwondo Championships 2010
  • Referee of Asian Game 2010
  • Referee Chairman of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association 2005-2007
  • Secretary General of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association 2007-2009
  • Senior Teacher of the Taekwondo department of Uzbekistan's State Institute of Physical Culture & Sports 2008-2009

Academy Rules

  • Do not teach Taekwondo outside of the Academy
  • Observe discipline and order
  • Do not wear necklaces or earrings during the class
  • Do not wear shoes in the DoJang (field of practice - mats)
  • Do not use training equipment without instructor's permission
  • No food or gum is allowed in the academy
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the class begins
  • Pick up children within 5 minutes after the end of the class

Code of conduct during the class

  • Line up by rank (higher ranks in the front and the left)
  • Students must obey instructors and respond with a loud "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Ma'am"
  • When entering or leaving the school, first greet the flag (if available), then greet the Dojang and the Master.
  • If you are late, ask for permission to join the class.
  • If you need to leave the line, raise your hand and explain your needs. Walk along the back or the sides of the Dojang.
  • If you need to apologize, exchange bows.