Kids Martial Arts Beaverton
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Beaverton's Best Martial Arts Training

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Kids Martial Arts Beaverton

My 5 year old son has been going to Lim's Taekwondo Academy for four months now and he loves it. The Lim family are incredible and it is such a happy family run business. They are incredible with kids. I am a teacher and I have never seen such amazing classroom management. They keep the kids moving and engaged the whole time. My son both loves and respects them and he always looks forward to... Read More

Leslie Cho

Kids Martial Arts Beaverton

This is very friendly school with great master and instructors. My son loves it. This is the first place with instructors who were able to discipline my son and my son started listening (he is 4). After a month we saw a progress. We thought it would never happen. We really appreciate all the help, love and attention kids get during the class! ... Read More

Katrina Ma

Kids Martial Arts Beaverton

My son has been attending for many months and it has offered a great deal of structure and support in his life. Master Lim's Taekwondo Academy has not only been a great addition to my son's life, but a great addition to our family. My son is very shy and this academy has helped him work on becoming more open to expressing himself and using his voice. On a side note, I would also recommend that ... Read More

Zack Raschke

Kids Martial Arts Beaverton

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Martial Arts classes here in Beaverton offer students of all backgrounds the chance to learn new skills and stay challenged week after week. We're offering the perfect blend of physical, mental, and emotional development in one great program.

Kids Martial Arts Beaverton

Teen Martial Arts

Our Teen Martial Arts classes combine professional coaching and high-energy fun to help students of all backgrounds thrive. We're offering Beaverton's best Taekwondo training and well-rounded life skills in no time.

Kids Martial Arts Beaverton

Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts classes offer targeted training for complete beginners, accomplished martial artists, and everyone in between. We are proud to help men and women all across Beaverton make their goals a reality.

Kids Martial Arts near Beaverton
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Make Your Goals A Reality

Lim's Taekwondo Academy is the little door to the world of Martial Arts, tradition and indomitable spirit. It is one of the best Taekwondo training facilities in Oregon.

In this Academy, we teach you the Taekwondo in a progressive and intelligible way and improve physical condition, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Beside this, we focus on enhancing Respect, Focus, Self-control, Perseverance, and Confidence in our students.


Lim's Taekwondo Academy

Lim's Taekwondo Academy

Here's How We're Impacting Every Aspect Of Your Life

Confidence & Self-Esteem in Beaverton - Lim's Taekwondo Academy

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Our classes build students up one step at a time and help everyone face life with more confidence than ever before. We work hard to celebrate your successes and help you feel great about every new accomplishment.

Discipline & Self-Control in Beaverton - Lim's Taekwondo Academy

Discipline & Self-Control

From day one, we work with students to focus on each individual detail of our instruction. Our classes can help students enjoy the learning process and take on a newfound discipline in all aspects of life.

Self-Defense in Beaverton - Lim's Taekwondo Academy


Our traditional Taekwondo training offers a well-rounded approach to self-defense for any situation. While we focus on communication and conflict resolution as a first step, we're also helping you learn how to effectively defend yourself.

New Friends & Mentors in Beaverton - Lim's Taekwondo Academy

New Friends & Mentors

At the end of the day, we're all in this together. Our classes are held in a safe, supportive environment where you can enjoy the encouragement of everyone around you. We've got your back from the minute you walk through the door.

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