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Taekwondo makes people successful
Posted on September 5th, 2016

​This is not a new that kids need to make busy with some good things such as; sport, music, reading books, arts, scholarship and etc.
Taekwondo is able to cover almost all of these things the same time. Indeed, if we look more closely to Taekwondo, we will see the very similar areas, which can fit the kid’s needs such as: sport & athletic, fitness, feel of rhythm, beside this it develops focus, self-defense, confidence, self-control, scholarship, perseverance, integrity. Taekwondo in the first sight looks like pure physical exercise but that is not entirely true. That is not only physical activity, it is a mental training, which require for memorizing series of movements and keep focus on speed, rhythm and expression. The practicing Taekwondo, without developing these values same as a build a building without good foundation.  
The Taekwondo has two large areas: forms and sparring. The study of the Taekwondo Forms teaches students to understand the correct movements, and coordinates their body motions. That training makes students to keep focus and developing self-control. Kids come to understand how to control body and keep balance, control power and speed. Practicing forms is more an intelligent work and a mental training than physical one. Students need to keep permanent focus during performance, at the same time they have to control so many things as balance, accuracy of motions, sequences of the technics, speed and rhythm.
The sparring teaches students responsibility, self-control, perseverance and respect, qualities, which make the sparring class effective and productive. Besides that, the sparring is a very intense physical exercise with a high level of cardio workload. The sparring training makes students stronger, incredibly fast with high level agility.
I teaching Taekwondo almost 20 years, and almost all parents brought their child for one reason – to make them stronger, develop discipline and focus. 20 years ago one gentleman brought his 5 years old grandson in my school and signed him up. The boy was very small for his age with big-big eyes; I could see curiosity and fear there. For that little guy this group of confident and strong kids with strange uniform was entirely new. His grandpa believed that his boy needs Taekwondo. First two weeks, they come every class and simply sit on a branch, and watching class. Then, little by little the boy joins a class and did his first steps in Taekwondo. After 7 years of practice Taekwondo, he becomes a second degree Black Belt and two times the National Champion. The next day of his first National Championships the grandpa came to school and said me that no one believe that his grandson will able running and jumping because, he has problems with legs until 5 years old, and he was actually disable. But yesterday, when his grandson won his Gold medal in Nationals that proofs he was right when signed him up in Taekwondo School.
On 2000 the guy of 22 years old came to my school. His main goal was improving a physical condition and study self-defense. After a year he decided to go back to school, and graduate the University, he became an engineer, and got a great job. He is become a successful person.
In 2011 I immigrate to USA, and in May 2012 I opened my Taekwondo School. One of my first students was a woman of 29 years old. She has begun study Taekwondo because of her little daughter whom she brought first. Before Taekwondo she had to go hospital every week because of regular headache and stomach problem. After a year of practice she said that last time she saw doctor was 6 month ago. She is become more active and in good physical condition. She got a better job. In 2014 she passed though Black Belt Promotion Test. In July 2014 she won the Gold medal on the National Taekwondo Championships. Since February 2015 she is the referee and already served several competitions.
I’m happy that my students become a successful. Within all these 25 years of teaching Taekwondo I have so many students whose story can proof that. I believe that Taekwondo makes people successful. Taekwondo is a style of life!
Master Alexander Lim

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