Taekwondo makes people successful

Everybody knows that kids need to be busy with some good things such as sport, music, reading books, arts, and etc.
Taekwondo is able to cover almost all of these things at the same time. If we look more closely to Taekwondo, we can see that it fits the kid’s needs such as sport/athletic, fitness, rhythm and much more. Besides, this develops focus, self-defense, confidence, self-control, curiosity, perseverance, and integrity. Taekwondo at first sight looks like pure physical exercise, but that is not entirely true. Taekwondo is also mental training because it requires to memorize series of movements and keeping focus on speed, rhythm and expression.
Taekwondo has two large areas: forms and sparring. Taekwondo forms teaches students to understand the correct movements and coordinates their body motions. That training makes students keep focus and control their mind. Forms training improves balance, power, and speed. It is both mental and physical training.
Sparring teaches students self-defense, self-control, and respect. Besides that, sparring is an intense cardio training which makes students stronger and faster.
I am a Taekwondo instructor for almost 25 years and all parents brought their children to make them stronger, develop discipline, and focus.
20 years ago, one gentleman brought his 5 years old grandson in my school and signed him up. His grandpa believed that his boy needs Taekwondo. Little by little, the boy joins a class.  After 7 years of practice Taekwondo, he becomes a second degree Black Belt and twice a National Champion.
On 2000, a 22 year old gentlemen came to my school. His main goal was improving a physical condition and study self-defense. After a year he decided to go back to school, and graduate University. He became an engineer and got a great job.
On May 2012, I opened my Taekwondo School in USA. One of my first students was a woman of 29 years old. Because of training she became more active and in a good physical condition. In 2014, she got her black belt.  In July 2014, she won the Gold medal in the US National Taekwondo Championships.
All these 25 years of teaching Taekwondo I had so many students whose story shows that practicing Taekwondo makes people successful.
Taekwondo is a bright style of life.
Master Alexander Lim

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