About Us

Lim's Taekwondo Academy in US since 2011. 
The academy is a member of USATaekwondo, Pan-American Taekwondo and the World Taekwondo.
"Sparta Club" in Uzbekistan   since 1995.
The club is member of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Federation, Asian Taekwondo Union, World Taekwondo.
We are believe that is everyone can get their goals in Taekwondo . 
We run a progressive enrollment program to improve martial arts skills. 
We work as a team: progress together, support, respect and help each other, build the team spirit.


What we teach

  • an athletic Taekwondo to develop strength, speed, agility, balance, and Self-defense  techniques
  • nunchakus, bo-staff, sword, martial arts fan.
  • TKD dance and martial arts acrobatics. 


Master Alexander Lim

World-class Taekwondo Master with a more than 25 years of experience
Certified Taekwondo Instructor of International Olympic Committee
Certified Taekwondo Instructor of Korean National Sport University
Certified Taekwondo coach and instructor of Uzbekistan State University of Physical culture & Sports
Has experience with other martial arts systems (Karate, Wu-shu, Aikido, Judo)

  • Taekwondo Black Belt 6-th Dan
  • Master degree in Physics
  • 2000-2004 Head Coach of Uzbekistan National Demonstration Team
  • Referee Chairman of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association 2005-2007
  • 2006-2009 Head Coach of Uzbekistan Poomsae National Team
  • Secretary General of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association 2007-2009
  • senior teacher of the Taekwondo department of Uzbekistan's State Institute of Physical Culture & Sports 2008-2009
  • gold medalist of US Open Championship 2009
  • bronze medalist of  the World Taekwondo Championship 2010
  • the best referee of Asian Taekwondo Championships 2010
  • referee of Asian Game 2010
  • referee of World, Europe and Pan America Taekwondo Qualification Tournaments for the London Olympic Games 2012
  • 2011-2012 head coach of US World Class Sport Poomsae
  • referee of the World Taekwondo Championships 2011
  • best referee of US Open Taekwondo Championships 2013
  • referee of the Cadet World Taekwondo Championships 2019

Mrs. Oxana Lim

  • USA Taekwondo Instructor 
  • Taekwondo Black Belt 3-rd Dan
  • Master degree in Education
  • Master degree in Economy
  • Certified Continental Taekwondo Coach
  • Coach of Pan American Open Taekwondo Championships 2014
  • Coach of US Open Taekwondo Championships 2015 
  • Coach of World Taekwondo President's Cup 2016

Master Andrey Lim

  • Taekwondo Black Belt 4 Dan
  • USA Taekwondo Referee
  • Gold Medalist IOFTC International Tournament
  • referee of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 National Taekwondo Championships
  • referee of 1-st Pan American Club Taekwondo Championships 2015
  • referee of World Taekwondo President's Cup 2016
  • referee of Pan American Taekwondo Championships 2018