Online Taekwondo training

Here is the online Taekwondo self-training program.
That program allows to take the Taekwondo training in your home.
It might be comfortable for someone who can't attend the Taekwondo school because of working schedule or another circumstances.

For practice in home you need space of 10ft X 10ft with floor covered by carpet or mats, without any abstraction.
Online Taekwondo self-training program consist of several courses which allows you to take an online promotion test for certain belt color.
Duration of the course is a different and depends of the belt color, the student is require to finish the training before take a belt test.
Courses divided by Belt colors as a separate term. The student needs successfully pass the belt test for be able to move to the next level term.

In the end of the whole program the student need to get a special preparation course for the online black belt test.

Master Alexander Lim

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