Academy rules

  • Do not teach Taekwondo outside of the Academy
  • Maintain discipline and order
  • No necklaces or earrings during the class
  • No shoes in the Do-Jang (field of practice / mats)
  • Use training equipment only with instructor's permission
  • No food or gum in the academy
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the beginning of class
  • Pick up children within 5 minutes after the end of class

Code of conduct

  1. Line up by rank/age (higher rank/age in the front and the left)
  2. Students must obey instructors and respond with a loud "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Ma'am"
  3. When entering or leaving the academy: greet the flag (if available), bow to the Dojang, bow to the Master.
  4. If late, ask for permission to join the class.
  5. To leave the line, raise your hand and explain your needs. Walk along the back or the sides of the Dojang.
  6. Apologize by exchanging bows.